Sharra Romany

Director Of Photography

Alongside my partner in business and life, Emmy Award Winning Director and Cinematographer Ramy Romany, I produce branded and digital content through our full service Production Company for brands such as; William Sonoma, Pepsi, Pure Leaf Ice Tea, CocaCola, Chrysler, Honda, Grey Goose, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Hyundai, Ray Ban, Gold Peak Ice Tea, 7Up, and FEMA. 

We have a great team and can take a project from Treatment, to Delivery, providing amazing crew, 4K Multi-cam production, Wireless client video village, multi-cam live-streaming, and anything else our clients need. 

I have also had the opportunity to work on some amazing shows over the years, as well as have my hands in designing and directing the look of one of Tastemade's most popular shows, Tiny Kitchen. 

In my work on reality TV, I am a story seeking shooter, and love to work closely with the story producers. I've worked on many Multi-cam (sticks and hand-held) competition shows, House Reality shows, two camera make-over/home renovation shows, and documentaries. 

I was lucky enough to travel the world on a fast-paced SyFy Channel show, Destination Truth, where instead of finding the elusive Yeti, I met the love of my life, Ramy Romany. 

Together we make up Romany Films.